Tuesday, September 13, 2011

oil and vinegar

this past weekend, we had a farmgirl meeting.  i love these, because it's awesome time with wonderful ladies, i always learn something (usually something practical and something about life), and it tends to stretch into an all-day event. no complaints!

this month's meeting was about natural household and beauty products. we made natural floor freshener, which i promptly went home to try out.  amazing.  my carpet was so happy!

after the official meeting, some of us went to check out a new place in town that makes their own olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  oh. my. gosh.  i didn't know i liked those 2 things so very much.  it's basically a room full of kegs (for lack of a better term) filled with different flavors of oils and vinegars.  there are small jars of bread cubes for sampling, and a sheet with pairing recommendations.  it was the neatest thing, and i am definitely going back to show my husband.  and have more samples.

after we'd had our fill of bread cubes and mixed all the oil and vinegar we could handle, we went to check out a new bulk food store in town.  i am so excited to go grocery shopping next week! first of all, they have this:

soft pretzels are the best thing ever!
doesn't it just look like a great place?

farmgirl days are awesome.

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