Monday, September 19, 2011

lay it down

i heard a song today that i had forgotten i put on the particular mix cd i was listening to (no iphone input in this girl's car. it's all about cd's) ... it was such a happy surprise because i really like the lyrics, and they made me happy today.  the bridge says this:

love, hear the truth
i have joy to give you
i make everything new
trust me, so let it go
{i have far better plans
than this moment demands}
i'll take care of you,
one of my own

i love knowing that there are better plans than today... especially when days are like today, which was not generally a good day.  song lyrics are on my list of favorite things, and can put my whole day (or week, or life) in perspective.

maybe these lyrics can make you happy, too.

what are some of your favorite lyrics you've heard recently?

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