Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Fab

life is strange. we've had less going on lately in some ways, and yet every day seems so full of stuff, it's all i can do to just go back to bed.  things are changing in big ways, and while our path isn't yet defined, it's scary/exciting/amazing/petrifying to watch everything take shape.  when i have answers, i'll tell you all about it.  i just have to find them out, first!

here are some things i've been doing lately, in the meantime.
 i moved, and got a new view from a new front porch. isn't this a beautiful mansion? there's a museum inside. i need to go inside it soon.

 i pulled a little merch duty at a Christmas concert.  Smalltown Poets and Echoing Angels. they're awesome, and if you're in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina, you need to go to a show.

 i bought my dogs a new bed and shadow decided to hog both of them. (she has since learned to share.)

we went to a petting zoo and bran made some new friends.

 this guy especially loved bran.

 we drove turn 4 on the charlotte motor speedway while looking at christmas lights.

 my little niece knows what's up and just wanted to see the ponies some more.

 we finally put up our christmas tree, and topped it as true Psych fans would.
 i gave my little hedgehog a home in the tree.

 my awesome friends amy and michael gave me a purple tree! (i saw one on a tv commercial and died on the spot. they made my christmas wishes come true.)

 we went to the Billy Graham Library for some Christmas fun. it was beautifully decorated and about 30 degrees warmer than last year. so it was a good experience.

how could i not adore this man? we went on a snuggly carriage ride to look at the lights. i love him.

hope you enjoyed my photo blast! and i hope you're having a fabulous Christmas season.

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