Thursday, November 10, 2011

thank you very much

this is a month for giving thanks.  i am way behind the curve on the daily posting, so i'm going to clump a bunch together here, and you're going to read them all and like it. (kidding. you don't have to like it if you don't want to. just pretend you do.) =)

i am thankful for my husband. he is wonderful. i'm thankful that tomorrow it will have been 4 years since i walked into his coffee shop and asked him for a chai tea and to (finally) be my boyfriend. (he'd spent the better part of a month asking me to be his girlfriend and i kept saying no, not yet.) i'm thankful that he meant it when he said "for better or for worse", because we are definitely in the "for worse" part.  we're at least in the "for poorer" part. but everything is ok if we're together, and i'm thankful every day for how much he loves me, even when i'm ridiculous. which is a lot most of the time.

i am thankful for friends. good dear friends, who let us stay at their houses for way too long, feed us, let us vent, and give us wise advice.

i'm thankful for reconciliation. i have seen a lot of things come full circle and i truly and completely believe in redemption.

i'm thankful for my craft night ladies (AmyAlisonChristaAndrea), even when craft night turns into magazines at barnes & noble and cherry limeades at sonic. i'm thankful for their sweet spirits and their creativity, which always inspires me. i'm also thankful that i know everything that will happen to me when i give birth sometime in the future, and they better all be there. or else.

i'm thankful for my puppies, for snuggles and kisses and comic relief.

i'm thankful for the job i've had for the last year and a half. i have learned so much and worked under incredible leadership. if i could work with these people forever, i'd do it in a heartbeat.

i'm thankful we get to go see my family next week!

i'm thankful for a season in which i remember to be thankful on purpose.
and i'm thankful that you read this very long post.

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aPearantly sew said...

I'm thankful for YOU, and that we have become friends over the last few months.
The part about having babies made me laugh. I would love to be there! :)